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Residential Pest Control

OnSite Pest Management offers a myriad of pest control solutions targeted and tailored for common household pests, including ants, roaches, fleas, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, and many more. Our dynamic three-step approach is designed to make the pest management process as carefree and customer-friendly as possible:

Step One: Inspection, Identification, and Recommendation
When you call OnSite to inspect your home or business, OnSite will listen to your concerns and inspect your premises thoroughly for clues about your pest problem. The technician is well trained to inspect the areas where pests may be harboring and to find the clues different pests leave behind. Once the technician conducts a thorough investigation, he or she will diagnose the pest problem and the extent of infestation. The technician will then give you treatment recommendations and options as well as prices. OnSite does not charge for this first step.
Step Two: Treatment/Implementation of Pest Management Solutions
Depending on the pests and level of infestation, treatment may include either non-chemical treatment, chemical treatment, or both. Non-chemical treatment includes instructions on sanitation, which is the cleaning of your home or business to discourage and displace pests, and exclusion, which is the sealing of the entry points of rodents and other pests. Chemical treatment can include the placing of bait stations outside your home or business, and the spraying of pesticides in targeted areas such as cracks and crevices where pests hide. When it comes to chemical treatment, OnSite technicians are licensed and trained in the requisite safety procedures of the State of California to keep your family, employees, and customers safe. You will be in good hands with OnSite. EcoFriendly solutions are available upon request.
Step Three: Monitoring and Follow-Ups
Both during and after treatment, the typical treatment plan includes monitoring pest population levels for evidence of decline and adjusting the treatment plan accordingly. Note that customers can decline follow-up services if they prefer a “one-time” treatment solution. Talk to your service technician for further details, or feel free to call OnSite today!

Commercial Pest Control

OnSite Pest Management is licensed and insured to handle pest management for both large and small business including restaurants, hotels/motels, hospitals, and more. Don’t let the bugs slow down your business! OnSite will work with your business’s schedule and budget to control your business’s pest problem.

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OnSite Pest Management Cares!

OnSite Pest Management cares about the environment and its natural resources. As an alternative to traditional chemical pesticide solutions, OnSite offers EcoFriendly insecticides that contain natural ingredients such as rosemary oil and peppermint oil, and contain no man-made chemicals. Ask your service technician if you would like more information about our EcoFriendly solutions.

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ECO-Friendly Solutions Available